What is a Third-Party Administrator?

Third-Party Administrator Service (TPA)

We take over for all processing and administrative concerns regarding employee compensation claims for organisations that self-insure their employees.

For such companies, using a TPA has proven to be cost effective and reduce unnecessary stress… meaning you can focus on your core business.

Are Your Employee Compensation Premiums Rising?

We advise our clients in this position to consider Self Insured Retention (SIR). Working with insurance companies to negotiate a SIR condition has demonstrated positive benefits for certain organisations.

By setting the SIR at or above HK$ 200,000 the insured is liable for any expenses below that number, but once a claim exceeds it, the insurer takes over responsibility.

The result is SIR policies have proven to both reduce premiums and allow the insured to efficiently monitor Employee Compensation claims.

What Using a TPA Means


Procedural Guidelines for Handling Claims


Proactive Approach


Prompting the Injured Employee to seek medical treatment for a speedy recovery


Case by Case monitoring


Superior Organisation & Database for Every Claim